DNR mineral ownership

A view of the St. Mary's quarry at the end of Charlevoix airport

Before & after proposed landswap.

Yellow line is Bells Bay Rd./park entrance drive. In the after version, Bells Bay Rd./park entrance drive would no longer exist. Access would only be from a southern entrance several miles south off 31. 190 acres of woods would be gone and part of a huge pit.

This is an excerpt from St. Mary’s presentation on the land swap;

A new entrance option

(yellow line) is shown offset from an existing road (Witmere) for illustrative purposes. This route proposed by Norwood Township & Charlevoix County Roads Commission. The actual route would be on Witmere which would be re paved / re constructed per the county guidelines for the expected traffic. An entirely new extension through state property would also be required to the new ranger shack, parking area. From US 31 approximately 1.60 miles to the beach and 3.62 miles south of the Bells Bay road entrance on US 31. more attractive entrance. Should reduce illegal parking on Clipperview road cul de sac

St. Marys Cement Plant is proposing that it exchange the southern chunk of land, outlined in yellow, that it owns with a northern piece of land, within the state-owned Fisherman's Island State Park.

From the Petoskey News Review 12/20/14 article.

1901 map of northern Norwood Township showing Fisherman's Island

Click on map for larger view


1901 map of middle section of Norwood Township

1901 map of lower section of Norwood Township showing Norwood

1930 plat map Charlevoix Township

1901 plat map Charlevoix Township


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