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Manual for LWCF- See Chapter 8 for Conversion Requirements. Also See 36 Code Federal Register 59


Land and Water Conservation Fund Documents pertaining to Fisherman’s Island State Park
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When a State gets money for a Park from the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the State is responsible for compliance and enforcement of Federal provisions for State sponsored projects. Responsibilities cited in Title 36, Part 59 in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations apply to the area described on the 6(f)(3) boundary map and/or described in other project documentation.

Section 6(f)(3) of the LWCF Act contains strong provisions to protect Federal investments and the quality of assisted resources. SEC. 6(f)(3) No property acquired or developed with assistance under this section shall, without the approval of the Secretary, be converted to other than public outdoor recreation uses. The Secretary shall approve such conversion only if he finds it to be in accord with the then existing comprehensive statewide outdoor recreation plan and only upon such conditions as he deems necessary to assure the substitution of other recreation properties or at least equal fair market value and of reasonably equivalent usefulness and location.

Another important tool to ensure good communication between grantors and grantees is the “6(f)(3) anti-conversion protections. This map need not be a formal survey document, but it contains enough site specific information to serve several purposes: It ensures that both the grantee and the administering agency agree on the proper boundaries of the covered site at the time of project approval; It provides location size indicators and a picture of key facilities and landmarks to help later project inspectors better identify and evaluate the site.

Some web sites for further info

http://waso-lwcf.ncrc.nps.gov/public/index.cfm Specific Fisherman’s Island Info grant and $$$$$

http://www.nps.gov/ncrc/programs/lwcf/protect.html What protection under LWCF entails for States.

If you have concerns about threats to a park area that you think might have received a LWCF grant, contact one of the National Park Service field offices or your State Agency, as listed in the “Contact List.” Administrators have databases of grant-assisted sites that will help them to determine whether Fund protections apply; also some States have their own grant programs that afford similar protection.

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