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A Potential Park Study for Fisherman’s Island Site Charlevoix County Michigan


Prepared by Roger C. Whitmere, Park Designer


December 1974

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The “O’Neill” site (sometimes spelled O’Neil) in Charlevoix Township is on the National Register of Historical Places for importance of archeological significance for Woodland Indians relics.

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The documents are not digitalized yet so the can’t be viewed online. 

The O’Neill site is within the bounds of the Burns property and this is acknowledged by Tom Copenhaver of the State of MI in his instructions for St. Mary’s test drilling permits


and by the state of MI. (See Drilling Permits on our website). Also see the reference to this archeologically significant site in the Macinac Journal September 2013, Woodland Indian Memorial National Park, Page 10.


Bell's Bay Campground sign from 1979

1930 plat map Charlevoix Township

Bells Bay was purchased by the State of MI in 1923. You got to Bells Bay (now the entrance to Fisherman’s Island) on South Shore Drive by hugging the shoreline by where the hospital is today. When Medusa came to town to build their plant, a condition they agreed to was keeping South Shore Drive open to the park. But the plans changed in about 1971 and the dock and weir were put in and the road was closed. Then people went down Carpenter, that ran down to Lake MI. The last part of Bells Bay was Carpenter Street. Then the Quarry shut off Carpenter Street and everyone went the long way around the Quarry on Bells Bay Rd. Now they want us to travel 5.82 miles south to Witmere Rd. and then a couple miles inland to get to a new entrance.

This is the original deed to the Bell’s Bay property (now called Fisherman’s Island). 190 acres is proposed to be swapped. It has been a park since 1923. Most locals call it Bell’s Bay. People followed Shore Drive (along the beach past the hospital) to get to the park.`


burns deed 1

burns deed 2

1901 plat map Charlevoix Township

I guess we know where the name Bell’s Bay came from.

An Article written in the Mackinac Journal about the park proposed for Fisherman’s Island.

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Woodland Indian National Memorial Report to the Secretary of Interior.

This was a concept for the Fisherman’s Island State Park area from 1971.

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1901 map of northern Norwood Township showing Fisherman's Island

Click on map for larger view


1901 map of middle section of Norwood Township

1901 map of lower section of Norwood Township showing Norwood

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