DNR/NPS Contacts

Subject: St. Mary’s Fisherman’s Island State Park “Swap”



Keith Creagh, creaghk@michigan.gov ; Director DNR (517-284-6367)

Ronald A. Olson, olsonr@michigan.gov Chief, DNR Parks and Recreation Phone: 517-284-6135

Steve Sutton,   suttons@michigan.gov Real Estate Services (517-284-5972)

Paul Yauk,   yaukp@michigan.gov Parks and Recreation (517-284-6141)

Troy Rife, RIFET@michigan.gov (231-775-9727)

Kerry Wieber, WieberK4@michigan.gov (989-275-5151)

Richard Hill, HillR5@michigan.gov DNR Parks and Recreation Division, Gaylord District Supervisor 989-732-3541

Thomas Copenhaver, copenhavert@michigan.gov Park Supervisor, Young State Park & Fisherman’s Island State Park Parks and Recreation Division DNR Phone 231-582-9151

Trevor Vandyke, VanDykeT1@michigan.gov (Legislative Liaison & Policy Advisor DNR 517.373.0023)

Judy Tkaczyk, TKACZYKJ@michigan.gov (Executive Management Assistant to the Director DNR) 517-284-6367

Edward Golder, GolderE@michigan.gov (517-284-6241)

Vicki Anthes, ANTHESV@michigan.gov (517-284-6081)

Ray Fahlsing, FahlsingR@michigan.gov (517-284-6097)

Anna Sylvester, SylvesterA@michigan.gov (989-275-5151 Ex 2070)

Linda HarlowHarlowL@michigan.gov (517-284-7268)

Yolanda Troy (DNR Ron A. Olson DNR)

Carol Freed, FreedC@michigan.gov ((517-284-5813)

Tom Bailey, bailey@landtrust.org Little Traverse Conservancy and State Park Advisory Committee


National Park Service
Midwest Region

Copy these email addresses to send to all DNR officials.


creaghk@michigan.gov; suttons@michigan.gov; wieberk4@michigan.gov; hillr5@michigan.gov; copenhavert@michigan.gov; vandyket1@michigan.gov; tkaczykj@michigan.gov; olsonr@michigan.gov; YAUKP@michigan.gov ; RIFET@michigan.gov ; AnthesV@michigan.gov; SylvesterA@michigan.gov;


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