Informational meetings with the DNR November 3rd on the plans for Fisherman’s Island State Park

These meetings are with the people really deciding the future of Fisherman’s Island State Park. Not St Marys Cement company committee. This is where the community has its say about the future of the park. Plan on attending.




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Saturday October 25

Friends of Fisherman’s Island State Park at the Charlevoix Library, Room A, 10AM to Noon. Open house / Volunteer / Pick up Info, Yard Signs and discuss DNR Management Plan


Friends of Fisherman’s Island State Park invite you.

We are planning a clean up day of the shoreline for Sun. Nov. 2 and Sun. Nov. 9.

Meet at the public Bells Bay Road Scenic Overlook at 2 pm. Bring a bag for Trash. Anne says the high water and wind have thrown up lots of refuse and plastic

1. Bells Bay Road going to the beach, hiking trails and park entrance would be closed.
*This portion of the park is close to Charlevoix and is heavily used by hikers skiers, hunters, mush- roomers, Charlevoix High School cross country team members, sunset watchers, beach goers and snowmobilers. Closing the road would take away local and free local access to the park, trails and beach.
*Moving the park entrance further south (as is proposed) would make it more difficult for residents and families who want to use the park after school or work or on lunch breaks.
2. The proposed bike trail to Fisherman’s Island State Park on Bells Bay Road, which is scheduled for construction this spring, would have to be moved several miles south.
3. The 190 acres of land extending on both side of Bells Bay Road to be given to St. Mary’s is heavily wooded and is home to a diverse array of wildlife.
4. The land St. Mary’s wants to trade is not comparable. Most of it is a flat field. Its distance from Charlevoix means less access to Charlevoix residents who want to use the park after work or school.
The north end of Fisherman’s Island (including Bells Bay Road) is a valuable asset to our township and community. Do not trade away our woods, local access to favorite hiking trails, Lake Michigan beaches and future bike trail.

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